Hollow Hills Coven & Grove

an independent coven dedicated to teaching wicca and magic in hearth & home, coven & craft, tribe & tradition

   Mar 19

Ostara and the Victory Garden Initiative

Today is full moon and we are celebrating Ostara, the first rite of Spring. It’s a beautiful day here, and we are watching the snow receed to show us what the plants look like here at Applewood Cottage. Tonight is a night of feasting, of celebrating the changing of the seasons, and giving thanks for […]

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   Mar 13

Getting Started

Welcome to the first post to our coven website! Hi, I’m Jenny Green, High Priestess and Witch of the Hollow Hills Coven. I’ve been working all day to get the website up and running, and finally getting into the flow of things. Over time we will add all kinds of juicy content for you to […]

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