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   Mar 14


Wiccan Seeker Classes

Are you new to Wicca and Paganism and want to learn more about it? Do you wonder about the differences of working with a coven or as a solitary witch? Maybe you’ve been doing some experimenting on your own but want a solid foundation and that connection with community that books can’t provide.

Our Wiccan Seeker series of classes is a six month course to help you get a better understanding of Wicca as a practical and magical religion. This is for beginners of any level, and the first step in training toward initiation into Wicca as taught by Hollow Hills Coven & Grove.

This class series is open, no prerequisites are necessary. During this course we also welcome drop-in students who just want to brush up on any of the six topics we will be covering. If what you are seeking is initiation, all six weeks are required in order to progress to our second series, the Wiccan Dedicant classes.

Wiccan Dedicant Classes

Designed for those who find that Seeker classes are not enough and want to work toward being an initiate of Wicca, our Wiccan Dedicant classes will prepare you for that next step. We go deeper into the practice of Wicca and build upon the foundation provided in Seeker classes.

Be Our Guest

We welcome Guests to a few of the Wiccan Sabbats that we hold each year. To be a guest you must be vouched for by a Coven member. This is your opportunity to see how we work, and our opportunity to work with you in our circle. We also participate in larger community rituals in Minnesota as part of our commitment to our tribe.

Let’s Celebrate Together

Our Grove & Coven have three levels of membership.

  • Celebrant – people who want to celebrate the wheel of the year without formal training. A celebrant is considered a member of the Hollow Hills Grove and is welcome to participate in all open Grove rituals and activities.
  • Student – both Seeker and Dedicant students are considered members of the Hollow Hills Grove.  Training at the dedicant level also requires participation in ritual events throughout the year. There is a minimum attendance level that must be met to maintain dedicant status.
  • Initiate – all initiates are members of the Grove, may sponsor guests, and are also members of the Coven. We have a three degree system as is common in many Covens.

It Takes Time

There are eight Sabbats a year, thirteen Esbats, and monthly classes. In addition, each Sabbat has at least one planning meeting, so the schedule fills up pretty quickly. Adjusting yourself to the seasons and the moons is part of becoming a witch. Learning to work with your fellow Grove members is part of becoming a good covener. It is a big commitment of your time and energy, and not one to be taken lightly. Not everyone can commit to a coven, and that’s why we welcome Celebrant Grove members, and also provide training for solitary practitioners up to and including Initiation. Everyone has there own path, and their own goals and challenges in life. Wiccans are no different.

About Initiation

Hollow Hills Grove is the pre-initiate teaching group made up of Celebrants, Seekers, and  Dedicant students of our Coven. The full year course begins after the Celtic New Year of Samhain, and ends before the following Samhain. Once classes are over then there is a period of time provided for creating a personal path to initiation under the guidance of Jenny and Jack Green. During the winter time of the year is the perfect time to find your center and focus on your family. This is the Hearth & Home part of being Wiccan. You may be seeking to be a member of the Tribe of Wicca only, to become an initiate and a solitary witch. Or you may want to become a part of Hollow Hills coven.

Initiations are best held during the waxing part of the year, after Imbolc or February 2nd and before Samhain or October 31st. This gives everyone time to create a good magical working relationship prior to initiation. Completing the training means that you are a candidate for Coven membership, but you may not find Hollow Hills Coven the right fit for you personally, and that’s OK. You are always welcome at our open Sabbats and are part of the Tribe of the Wicca once you are initiated.

Please use our contact form if you are in our area, and would like to learn more about us before attending your first Seeker class. We would be happy to meet you for coffee or tea.

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