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   Dec 07

Happy Yule 2016

The cold has finally come to Minnesota, after a warm Autumn, Winter is here. The world is changing, and how we view it. Hollow Hills Coven is going through a rebirth as well, refining our focus and and our membership. Together we create and worship, honoring the Goddess and the God in all that we […]

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   May 13

May Day Celebrations

After an extra long and extra cold winter, Spring finally has arrived in Paganistan, heralded by the 40th Annual May Day Parade and Festival in Powderhorn Park. It was actually the area surrounding the park, and the people who lived there, that inspired the name “Paganistan” in the first place. The term even has it’s […]

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   Jan 05

Mid Winter Thoughts

What a wonderful Winter Solstice it was this year! As a family, we had three different dinners, two were attending and one was hosting. There was music and drumming, Yule ritual and many presents. It was a challenging time, having said goodbye to one of our house cats who has gone on to the Summerlands […]

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   Dec 06

The Spirit of Solstice

It seems like just yesterday I was wishing everyone a happy summer solstice, on this blog anyway. We have been neglecting our posting, but we haven’t been idle. We have two students and a few celebrants who have been visiting on the Sabbats lately. It’s been a blessing and a challenge with the time management, […]

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   Apr 29

Spring Cleaning

Well it’s that time of year again! Actually, Spring came early to us here in Minnesota, after an extremely mild winter. While we haven’t been able to post as often as we would like, we have been extremely busy keeping up with Coven duties. Our Spring Equinox ritual went well. With the mild weather it […]

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   Jul 05

A Week in the Woods

I really need to talk about the Earth House Midsummer Gather that we attended in Wisconsin. This was my first full week at a pagan gathering, and I was really excited about it. Spending a week living in a pagan community is an extremely empowering time. With so many people to talk to, workshops to […]

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   May 05

The Big Ritual Approaches

Jack and I are working on the upcoming Beltaine Ritual, and I’m hoping for decent weather this Saturday. As of right now the forecast calls for a 30% chance of rain, which means a 70% chance of not rain…right? We’re trying to get our act together in advance, gathering the things we need to bring […]

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   Apr 11

Mother Earth is Alive & Well in Bolivia

The most fascinating and exciting things are happening in the world today. Are you ready to make a change? I feel it in the air, it’s Spring and a time for a new beginning. In Bolivia it’s time to let their cultural beliefs be part of their government. “She is sacred, fertile and the source of […]

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   Apr 01

Surfing in Mercury Retrograde

Surfing the web during Mercury Retrograde can be an adventure. Luckily, it’s all in writing which is the safest mode of communication at this time. Coming down after a fantastic weekend in Paganistan added to the unpleasantness of mundane communication for me. I miss the free flow banter of people who understand my world view, […]

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   Mar 19

Ostara and the Victory Garden Initiative

Today is full moon and we are celebrating Ostara, the first rite of Spring. It’s a beautiful day here, and we are watching the snow receed to show us what the plants look like here at Applewood Cottage. Tonight is a night of feasting, of celebrating the changing of the seasons, and giving thanks for […]

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