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   May 13

May Day Celebrations

After an extra long and extra cold winter, Spring finally has arrived in Paganistan, heralded by the 40th Annual May Day Parade and Festival in Powderhorn Park. It was actually the area surrounding the park, and the people who lived there, that inspired the name “Paganistan” in the first place. The term even has it’s […]

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   May 14

Making Magick in Minneapolis

On a wild day in May, magick is being made in Minneapolis. In the hip part of town where all the interesting people go is a metaphysical shop called Eye of Horus, and this is where the magick is being made. Near the corner of Lake and Lyndale, you can visit this powerful place, and […]

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   Jun 23

Happy Summer Solstice

Visit Sharon Knight’s website to learn more about her and her music!

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   Apr 29

Spring Cleaning

Well it’s that time of year again! Actually, Spring came early to us here in Minnesota, after an extremely mild winter. While we haven’t been able to post as often as we would like, we have been extremely busy keeping up with Coven duties. Our Spring Equinox ritual went well. With the mild weather it […]

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   Aug 28

The Right Path

You know you’re on the right path when you go to the lumberyard and find a book on witchcraft. Right now you’re probably thinking we found a used bookstore along the way, or found it in the trunk of the car, but that’s not the case. Used books were for sale at the lumberyard for […]

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   Jul 05

A Week in the Woods

I really need to talk about the Earth House Midsummer Gather that we attended in Wisconsin. This was my first full week at a pagan gathering, and I was really excited about it. Spending a week living in a pagan community is an extremely empowering time. With so many people to talk to, workshops to […]

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   May 05

The Big Ritual Approaches

Jack and I are working on the upcoming Beltaine Ritual, and I’m hoping for decent weather this Saturday. As of right now the forecast calls for a 30% chance of rain, which means a 70% chance of not rain…right? We’re trying to get our act together in advance, gathering the things we need to bring […]

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   Apr 11

Mother Earth is Alive & Well in Bolivia

The most fascinating and exciting things are happening in the world today. Are you ready to make a change? I feel it in the air, it’s Spring and a time for a new beginning. In Bolivia it’s time to let their cultural beliefs be part of their government. “She is sacred, fertile and the source of […]

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   Mar 13

Getting Started

Welcome to the first post to our coven website! Hi, I’m Jenny Green, High Priestess and Witch of the Hollow Hills Coven. I’ve been working all day to get the website up and running, and finally getting into the flow of things. Over time we will add all kinds of juicy content for you to […]

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