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   May 19

Dark Goddesses

When I first encountered the Goddess, it was a light goddess, goddess of the moon, Aine of Ireland. Currently I work with Freya, who is both a goddess of love and war. Complex and passionate, I’ve been learning more about her little by little. It takes time to learn about any specific Goddess, and there […]

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   Jan 05

Mid Winter Thoughts

What a wonderful Winter Solstice it was this year! As a family, we had three different dinners, two were attending and one was hosting. There was music and drumming, Yule ritual and many presents. It was a challenging time, having said goodbye to one of our house cats who has gone on to the Summerlands […]

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   Jun 23

Happy Summer Solstice

Visit Sharon Knight’s website to learn more about her and her music!

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   Jul 05

A Week in the Woods

I really need to talk about the Earth House Midsummer Gather that we attended in Wisconsin. This was my first full week at a pagan gathering, and I was really excited about it. Spending a week living in a pagan community is an extremely empowering time. With so many people to talk to, workshops to […]

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   Jun 03


A common joke in Minnesota is that the State Bird is the Mosquito. Actually it’s the Common Loon, Great Northern Loon or Great Northern Diver (Gavia immer) but we have a lot more mosquitoes than loons even if you include all the Homo sapiens. Being a partial fan of the Archdruid Report and Green applications […]

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