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   Dec 20

The Long Night

This time of year everyone gets so busy with family, friends, special events, it’s good to take time for quiet and connecting to the spirit of the season. It has been ages since the last post, we have been busy as a coven, doing Seeker Classes and Dedicant classes, Esbats and Sabbats, and getting out to […]

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   May 19

Dark Goddesses

When I first encountered the Goddess, it was a light goddess, goddess of the moon, Aine of Ireland. Currently I work with Freya, who is both a goddess of love and war. Complex and passionate, I’ve been learning more about her little by little. It takes time to learn about any specific Goddess, and there […]

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   Jan 05

Mid Winter Thoughts

What a wonderful Winter Solstice it was this year! As a family, we had three different dinners, two were attending and one was hosting. There was music and drumming, Yule ritual and many presents. It was a challenging time, having said goodbye to one of our house cats who has gone on to the Summerlands […]

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   Dec 06

The Spirit of Solstice

It seems like just yesterday I was wishing everyone a happy summer solstice, on this blog anyway. We have been neglecting our posting, but we haven’t been idle. We have two students and a few celebrants who have been visiting on the Sabbats lately. It’s been a blessing and a challenge with the time management, […]

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   Jun 23

Happy Summer Solstice

Visit Sharon Knight’s website to learn more about her and her music!

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   Jul 25

A Few Words About Elves

When you mention elves to most Americans, small animated white haired men who live in trees and make cookies come to mind. Or, for the fantasy lovers, the tall gracious elves of The Lord of The Rings who bring wonders and enchantments spring to life. But when you talk to the Norse peoples, mischevious nature […]

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   Jul 05

A Week in the Woods

I really need to talk about the Earth House Midsummer Gather that we attended in Wisconsin. This was my first full week at a pagan gathering, and I was really excited about it. Spending a week living in a pagan community is an extremely empowering time. With so many people to talk to, workshops to […]

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   May 16

This is Middle Earth

In case there was any doubt, I just wanted to let you know that we do, in fact, live in Middle Earth. Also known as Midgaard, it is the realm of human folk like you and me. In Tolkien’s wonderful fantasy, The Lord of the Rings, we lived with other beings like hobbits and elves. […]

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   May 05

The Big Ritual Approaches

Jack and I are working on the upcoming Beltaine Ritual, and I’m hoping for decent weather this Saturday. As of right now the forecast calls for a 30% chance of rain, which means a 70% chance of not rain…right? We’re trying to get our act together in advance, gathering the things we need to bring […]

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   Apr 18

A Walk in the Woods

My love of music took me by surprise one day when I went to see some friends play at a Cafe. She brought out an autoharp and I knew my life would never be the same. I’ve always loved the sound, and was also considering the mountain dulcimer, so I asked her advice. She played […]

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