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   Sep 02

Going Forward

The struggle of running a fledgling coven with students and no initiated coven mates can wear on a person. I doubt my vision, I doubt my abilities, and I doubt what Jack and I are able to do alone. My reminder is that I am never alone. I’ve been building relationships, a network of friends […]

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   Jun 03


A common joke in Minnesota is that the State Bird is the Mosquito. Actually it’s the Common Loon, Great Northern Loon or Great Northern Diver (Gavia immer) but we have a lot more mosquitoes than loons even if you include all the Homo sapiens. Being a partial fan of the Archdruid Report and Green applications […]

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   May 29

A Bit of Earth

Easy Methods for Every Gardener Yesterday was very productive for yard work . Forecasts of rain were greatly exaggerated, and it was beautiful and partly cloudy for most of the day. Jack mowed the lawn while I dug around our front bush garden to set a border of stones. We have three peonies: pink, white & […]

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   May 27

Getting Into the Green

Today I have the day off of work so I can stay home and work around the house. So naturally I’ve devoted much of the day to a long hot bath and nap. I spent a very brief time in the garden, only to realize gardening is hard work and then something stung me. Sunday […]

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   Mar 19

Ostara and the Victory Garden Initiative

Today is full moon and we are celebrating Ostara, the first rite of Spring. It’s a beautiful day here, and we are watching the snow receed to show us what the plants look like here at Applewood Cottage. Tonight is a night of feasting, of celebrating the changing of the seasons, and giving thanks for […]

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