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   Sep 02

Going Forward

The struggle of running a fledgling coven with students and no initiated coven mates can wear on a person. I doubt my vision, I doubt my abilities, and I doubt what Jack and I are able to do alone. My reminder is that I am never alone. I’ve been building relationships, a network of friends […]

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   Jun 03


A common joke in Minnesota is that the State Bird is the Mosquito. Actually it’s the Common Loon, Great Northern Loon or Great Northern Diver (Gavia immer) but we have a lot more mosquitoes than loons even if you include all the Homo sapiens. Being a partial fan of the Archdruid Report and Green applications […]

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   May 29

A Bit of Earth

Easy Methods for Every Gardener Yesterday was very productive for yard work . Forecasts of rain were greatly exaggerated, and it was beautiful and partly cloudy for most of the day. Jack mowed the lawn while I dug around our front bush garden to set a border of stones. We have three peonies: pink, white & […]

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   May 27

Getting Into the Green

Today I have the day off of work so I can stay home and work around the house. So naturally I’ve devoted much of the day to a long hot bath and nap. I spent a very brief time in the garden, only to realize gardening is hard work and then something stung me. Sunday […]

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   May 16

This is Middle Earth

In case there was any doubt, I just wanted to let you know that we do, in fact, live in Middle Earth. Also known as Midgaard, it is the realm of human folk like you and me. In Tolkien’s wonderful fantasy, The Lord of the Rings, we lived with other beings like hobbits and elves. […]

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