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   Dec 20

The Long Night

This time of year everyone gets so busy with family, friends, special events, it’s good to take time for quiet and connecting to the spirit of the season. It has been ages since the last post, we have been busy as a coven, doing Seeker Classes and Dedicant classes, Esbats and Sabbats, and getting out to at least one festival each year.  With the longest night at hand, it’s time to remember that we bring light to the darkness with song, food, fire, and love. The Wyrd Sisters have a beautiful song that always puts my heart right.

We as a coven celebrated Yule last night, and we included this wonderful song in the ritual. Music is magic, in and of itself. It touches the heart, crosses the boundaries of culture, and allows us to express our emotions in beauty. Blessings and love to all on this Longest night!

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