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   Oct 19

Knitting the Web of Wyrd

knitThis time of year makes me long for the warm comforts of scarves and gloves, sweaters and hats, as I enjoy walking on a crisp autumn morning. So I decided that this year, I get to find out what happens when a witch decides to learn to knit. Once upon a time, when I was a small child, my mother tried to teach me to knit at an age where I rather lacked the necessary discipline in this endeavor. I remember it being a difficult and complicated business and rather boring at the time, and the slippers we were knitting never were finished. I think my mother was trying to teach us discipline, or just get her twin daughters to sit still for a few moments for some peace and quiet. It was probably a combination of both.

Yesterday I took a beginning knitting class with a member of our training grove. We both have been wanting to learn the mysteries of the fiber arts for quite a while and thought we’d do better to have a buddy to start out with. The class was held at a local knitting studio in the very heart of Paganistan, and it was an amazing experience. The place itself specialized in imported yarns of high quality, though I myself came with my cheap craft store yarn. The teacher was a quirky woman of crone age who has been knitting for sixty years. There’s definitely something magical about making things by hand, about creating fabric from a single thread of yard with a couple of pointed sticks. Making things by hand can add that extra dose of love that we all need this time of year. It also allows me to connect to my ancestors as we approach Samhain. Finnish on my mother’s side, and Norwegian on my father’s side, knitting is in my blood.

Sometimes when you are running a coven, always being the teacher, it’s nice to be a student again. In this case I was blessed to share that with a member of Hollow Hills Grove. During our last full moon Esbat, we were reminded of the coming winter, and the Goddess specifically spoke to knitting ourselves closely together by telling our stories. These simple things connect us to nature as she changes her clothing from green to orange, red and brown, and will bring us closer as friends and co-creators of our coven. Sure, there are always challenges, and last night while practicing my knitting I messed up and now I’m stuck on my project until wiser hands can undo my mistakes and I can move forward again.

Learning any craft takes time and patience, and I’m enjoying the journey as a student. I’m really excited about finishing my first project, and building the necessary skills to do more types of stitches and patterns throughout the long Minnesota winter. The Web of Wyrd is like a sweater covering the whole earth, and we as witches add to it by weaving magic to create a better world, closely bound to the wheel of the year. And so we will knit a web with the ancestors at Samhain and prepare to share our stories over the long cold nights ahead.

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