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   Jul 06

Coven & Clan, Tribe & Tradition

When Jane at Eye of Horus said there was a need for Wiccan basic training, Hollow Hills Coven took on the task last fall. The Eye provided a safe place for the Wicca-curious to come and learn more about our tradition with our Seeker Classes. For 10 years they have hosted numerous classes, musical events, art shows, and provided services such as Reiki Healing and Tarot and Psychic readings. Now they need some help because they have to close up shop in their current location and move to a new one. Please donate if you can, and keep the Eye going! Our next series of Seeker Classes will be a reality IF we can have it at Eye of Horus this September as planned.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support. 🙂

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