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   May 14

Making Magick in Minneapolis

On a wild day in May, magick is being made in Minneapolis. In the hip part of town where all the interesting people go is a metaphysical shop called Eye of Horus, and this is where the magick is being made. Near the corner of Lake and Lyndale, you can visit this powerful place, and be inspired by the atmosphere and knowledge that you will find there.


Just so you know, in my experience magick is very real. It is something we all do to some degree or another, because it stems from our own imagination and force of will. Every day the things we do and think can either create or negate our own personal power, and force in the universe. Thoughts become things, and we really can realize our dreams if we have the tools to do so. From the very beginning Thraicie Hawkner, owner and founder of Eye of Horus, worked magick to create her business, which is a haven for seekers and practitioners of many diverse magickal and spiritual paths. My twin sister Jane is Thraicie’s life and work partner, so I have had the opportunity to see how much work it takes to make a change in the world.

Now the entire staff at Eye of Horus wants to help all of us make better, stronger, and more powerful magick in our own lives. It takes more than a thought, but an act in the physical world to create anything real and lasting. There are many tools for making magick, and one of the most versatile are conjure or spiritual oils. Used to dress candles, anoint oneself in a sacred manner, add to incense…there are many ways to use oils to provide additional focus for the intentional work of a witch. In our rituals for Hollow Hills Coven, everyone has their third eye blessed with oil  by the priestess or priest who is leading the ritual, as they come to the edge of the circle.

In the circle we come together in perfect love and perfect trust, and we work for the common good. Now Eye of Horus is about to open a powerful and magickal gateway by launching their own line of Spiritual Oils for our use, and we all can become a part of that magick. While this post may seem like a shameless plug for a crowd funding campaign, which (or witch!) it is, it is also a key that unlocks the magick in your life. Because what we put out into the world returns to us threefold, and our own will and choices and actions create the life we want, acting on this by supporting the campaign will open new paths to magick in your own life.

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