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   Jan 05

Mid Winter Thoughts


Our Candle Fireplace complete with black cat

What a wonderful Winter Solstice it was this year! As a family, we had three different dinners, two were attending and one was hosting. There was music and drumming, Yule ritual and many presents. It was a challenging time, having said goodbye to one of our house cats who has gone on to the Summerlands about a month before, but friends were seen and celebrated, and songs were sung.

Now that the new year is upon us, the time is come for getting organized for 2013, to reflect upon the past year and set some goals. Above you can see how our little faux fireplace turned out, six pillar candles in front of a mirror really do make a cozy arrangement! It is better than nothing as the coldest months of a Minnesota winter begin.

With the Full Moon in Cancer, and busy schedules, it was just Jack and I for our Esbat circle last friday. We did a working of a protection spell for the home, and that combined with the candles are making our little home feel like a wonderful place to be on a cold winter night. Imbolc is just around the corner, so there is another Sabbat to prepare for, and we are planning on attending Paganicon again this year which is in March. With high temperatures in the 20’s it seems a little early to be thinking of Spring, and all the fun pagan things that happen then. But it really doesn’t take very long to get from here to there, so a little planning now will go a long way.

Today I made a trip to Eye of Horus Metaphysical and picked up my new day planner for the year, so I can keep track of all the fun things we have coming up. I also have some creative projects to complete, and I’m eager to learn a new song on my mountain dulcimer, a hymn to Bridget should be just the thing for this time of year. I also picked up a copy of Ruth Barrett’s “The Year is a Dancing Woman – Volume 1”, for some seasonal songs to take me from now through May Day.

All in all, 2013 looks to be a fun and interesting year to be a pagan. Nature is teaching me more and more to be patient and enjoy the quiet times when I can be safe and warm, in my house with cats and husband nearby. The candle fireplace is just part of our new and improved living room, which is now more of a Salon. As there is a long wall filled with bookcases, a wine rack, stereo, and room for a sitting area near the candles, and a dining table near the windows. The TV has been removed to a little room in the basement, and books and MacGregor games make up our entertainment more often these days. Which is making this winter extra magical for me.

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